Friday, August 15, 2014

Why a 35th high school reunion?

(Originally posted on Facebook by Robin)

Why a 35th high school reunion? Good question, really. The person in the first photo (above) did not LOVE high school. It was not the "time of her life", but she has grown up and realized one important thing ... the people in the second photo (below) are the people she grew up with. 

Some figuratively and some literally. They are the people that walked the same path at the same time ... and had different experiences ... and now they're all grown up and gone their separate ways, and I'm interested not so much in revisiting who they were then ... but learning who they have become. Together we shared many firsts, and the lesson that I learned from my time with Steve Hooks is that you just never know when we'll be sharing our lasts. I hope to see you at the reunion ... let's catch up ... because these are the ongoing times of our lives!!! If you cannot come, please drop us a note and update us on your life. We will miss you!!!

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