Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's on...

It's hard to believe that the past 8 months have gone so fast.  Our reunion team kicked into motion in December of last year, and now we are two days from the reunion.  Time goes so quickly.

I can't wait to see all of you again.  We were a class of almost 200 people.  Some of us were inseparable back then.  Some of us hardly knew each other.

But regardless, we all share a common timeline.  And after 35 years, that timeline links us together in a way that makes us all dear, life long friends.

When I think back about my past 35 years, I think of my struggles, my triumphs, and my ongoing journey toward understanding who I am and what it means to be alive.

And I am struck by the understanding that what we have achieved in our lives is far less important than what we have experienced.

And more important than anything are the lives we touch as we make our way through life.

I wanted to lose 10 pounds before the reunion.  I wanted to get a little tan on my feet (that haven't seen the sun in over a year).  I wanted to complete some of the very incomplete person that I am.

But really, none of that matters.  Shiny or dull, I am who I am.

And you are perfect as you are.  I am so excited to see you all again.

Please come, and let's celebrate and remember the amazing year of 1979.